Why The Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter Wins the Internet

As any Sonic fan can tell you, having that title isn’t always the most fun thing. In fact, lately, it’s been kind of the opposite of fun. On the internet, especially in gaming circles, Sonic seems to be the butt of more and more jokes, and the performance and quality of his past few games make it fairly clear why. However, the thing about Sonic fans (and Rush fans, come to think of it) is that we’re loyal to a fault.

A true Sonic fan continues to buy and play the games even when they’ve become pretty disappointing, hoping for that one-in-a-million Sonic Adventure 2 or Generations that gives us enough faith to keep holding on for another five, ten years. Whenever there’s rumors of a new game, we tell ourselves not to get too hopeful, but we can’t help ourselves. We just want so badly for him to be good again.

Usually, when game companies aren’t doing so well in the eyes of the community at large, they enter a stage of denial. Perhaps they’ll insist that we’re simply not enjoying their media the right way, or that we’re missing the point. Peter Molyneux comes to mind as a pretty bad offender here, but no one’s really completely innocent of this.

Enter the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account (or at least its recent management).

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