Dragon Heist — Campaign Diary #2

Hey, I’m back (after an untimely computer crash deleted this post as I was just about finished with it). Time to go over the events of session two and some of the behind-the-scenes stuff that went into it.

At this point I humbly request that Wobbles, Gardenia, Jo, and Copper look away, if for some reason you’ve found yourselves on this page, as well as anyone who might play this adventure sometime in the future. Don’t spoil it for yourself!

The PCs (level one):

Wobbles Offund: Rock Gnome Wizard

Gardenia Stone: Moon Elf Druid

Copernicus “Copper” Cannith: Juggernaut Warforged Craftsman

Jo Raethran: High Elf Life Domain Cleric


We started with everyone who wasn’t rendered unconscious by the events of the last session poking around the Zhentarim warehouse. Gardenia decided to give a look at the offices upstairs and came across a paper bird rolled up in one of the desk drawers while Copper followed the wire tied to the alarm bells above the office doors and found the secret door downstairs they were attached to. He immediately absconded with the silver bars in the room hidden beyond, but elected not to take the paintings (which makes sense, given the nature of his character).

Shortly thereafter, Renaer came to and informed them that he was not, in fact, Floon, the man they were looking for, but that it was most likely the Xanathar Guild who’d taken him based on the various corpses around the warehouse. They didn’t have much time to process this information before Captain Staget barged in with his army of watchmen and demanded to know what had happened here. The party (or at least the two who were conscious) played it cool with him and were very apologetic for the events that had happened and Staget took a liking to them. This I kind of needed to happen so that Staget could later ask them to partake in the Rats of Waterdeep mission. Staget asked Copper if he was truly immune to disease as he’d heard warforged were, and seemed to file that information away before sending them off with a couple potions of healing for their comrades.

After an inspired speech from Wobbles about the promise he’d made to his father to make something of himself, the party headed off to the shoe shop with Renaer in tow (at least part of the way, he stopped at the Yawning Portal for a much-needed drink) and took a rest. Renaer had mentioned that he might know of a person who could help them find the Xanathar Guild hideout (given that they were unable to interrogate the Kenku in the last session). Gardenia took a stroll in the City of the Dead to gather some ingredients to supply her herbalism kit and Copper took the forge to make some ornate daggers from the silver he’d found.

They got up early the next morning (given that they started their long rest the previous day at around 4pm) and decide to hit the Market to sell off some of the daggers Copper had made. I got in some good description of the streets of Waterdeep and some of the different options they had for traveling from point A to point B. I like the information the book has in Volo’s Waterdeep Enchiridion about this stuff, it’s great flavor. I pulled some random NPCs from my table to flesh out some of the shopkeeps in the Market and they stayed til about 2pm to sell the daggers off. Meanwhile. Gardenia made friends with a dwarven shopkeep named Veit Fireforge who had some herbal supplements and other flowers for sale (at a discounted price under the condition that she promise to be a returning customer) and Copper met Celniana Queyore, a gnome jeweler who offered to try and teach him some finer crafting methods. All in all some fun interactions (Veit told Gardenia that he was merely a front for the actual herbalist responsible for the goods at his stall who didn’t want to tell anybody where he got his stuff from. In actuality, Veit is the herbalist himself and is merely pretending. I think everyone bought it easily given that he was described as obese and had a voice like Ray Romano).

They then headed back to the Yawning Portal to meet up with Renaer, who told them he’d set up a meeting with Mirt. He hired a carriage to bring them to Mirt’s mansion (which I incorrectly described as being in the North Ward) and they had some really fun interactions with Mirt while he contacted his Harper friends to figure out where the Xanathar Guild hideout was. This meeting was inspired by the Valeur RPG guide to chapter one, and was a good opportunity to flesh out some more character background (as they still don’t really know each other) and have some fun with voices (I decided he sounds like the Demoman from TF2) before heading off to the sewers.

Renaer opted to hang back in the Yawning Portal as they made their way down. The gazer encounter went off well, and they soon found themselves in the Xanathar Guild hideout. They made fairly short work of the place, taking care of the goblin fairly easily, dealing with Krentz and Zemk equally quickly (they left Zemk unconscious in the corner and let Krentz run away after being beaten). While they interrogated him, Krentz informed them about the gray ooze in the latrine so they made the smart call of leaving that area be. Then they headed up to fight the boss with is Intellect Devourer, which should’ve been a much more difficult encounter but the person at the front didn’t have a brain (damned Warforged physiology) and I forgot about the half-orc’s ability to come back after hitting 0 hit points (oops). That said, they successfully saved Floon, and Wobbles had a new spellbook to mooch off of. They made their way out the way they came (not discovering any of the secret passages to other shops) and reunited Floon and Renaer.

Volo was at the Yawning Portal when they arrived, and offered to give them a ride to the estate he gifted them — Trollskull Manor. I leveled them up to level two as they set eyes on their new home, and I’m really excited for the next session. I’ve got a lot of stuff planned for Trollskull Alley (a lot of it taken from various side missions on DM’s Guild), so stay tuned!

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